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Mine's Melissa.
(My second name is Nathalia, which I feel is much nicer)
What are the main topics you would like to chat to me about, {{answer_23328752}}? *

Think of this as the subject field in an email.
But already filled out for you. It includes all my packages - and then some.

What's going on in your life right now that you feel would be solved through working with me? *

I love detail, so feel free to tell me as much as you'd like!
(I also love the usage of paragraphs; they soothe my sensitive eyes)
What are you willing to spend to solve this issue? *

How are you feeling today, {{answer_23328752}}? *

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What could improve your previous answer? *

What could you do to feel better?
More importantly, what could *I* do?
I believe in doing things with purpose, so I prefer to create work that will add value to a person's life.
How can our work together add more joy in your life?
Sometimes we lose ourselves - and find ourselves in a desire to reconnect again with who we once were. How were you hoping my work could reconnect you with parts of yourself that resonate most with your vision/dreams? *

What's the biggest personal goal you are working on this year? *

Is there some way that you feel my work could help you get closer to this specific goal? *

What's different now - why are you ready NOW to invest in yourself? *

I tend to work with people who are ready to invest in themselves and their self-love journey. They are ready to truly be seen for who they are, to reconnect with the powerful person they know they can be, and to take drastic action so that they can leave a legacy and make greater impact on the world. They want to love and celebrate who they are in this moment.
But... usually something happens to take them from a place of comfort to being truly ready.
So, if this describes you - and you're ready to invest - what happened to get you here? What's different now?
What's your timezone? *

Thank you for contacting me, {{answer_23328752}}.  I will be in touch ASAP with instructions for our phone call if I feel I can be of service to you.
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